Improvements highlighted at INTRUST Bank Arena

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When the INTRUST Bank Arena was built eight years ago, the designers didn't think the north entrance would get as much use as the other entrances.  So they only put three doors in and one escalator.   

This past year arena leaders realized changes to entrance C on the north side needed to be made before the NCAA basketball tournament games are played at the arena next spring.  

Arena General Manager A.J. Boleski said, "We doubled our lobby space. We also increased our number of doors. We've noticed a lot more traffic coming in on this side of the building. So it's nice to have six sets of doors now, instead of three." They also added a new stairway to move increased traffic.

Boleski said the number of guests using the north entrance has grown in recent years. He said 25-to-30 percent of all guests used to enter on the north side.  But now, he said, it's up to 50% of arena guests use those doors. He said that's because more visitors are walking to the arena from the nearby Old Town area. Boleski said, "People are coming from Old Town. There's new developments around us. The new hotels. The Hilton is coming online. The Ambassador came online. Union Station is developing. We've got all these areas around us to our North. We felt like we need to be part of that process and create a little bit bigger entrance over here to accommodate those folks."  

Boleski said the main focus of the improvements is to make certain NCAA basketball fans have a good experience. "But every event is going to benefit from them."  

Boleski said WiFi was added to the arena last month. All the improvements, he said, totaled $1.682 million which came out of the arena's capital reserve fund.

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