Findings for second Fairmount neighborhood study released

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Three years ago Tuesday, police found Letitia Davis in Fairmount Park. She was sexually assaulted, set on fire and died from her injuries.

Since then there's been a big push to change the perception of the neighborhood.

Paige Edgington is the manager at the newly opened Fairmount Coffee Co. She tells KAKE News people in this area want to see more businesses pop up.

She said, “I think that people wanted to see just more economic development, more services, more accommodations for people who live here.”

A study by nearby Wichita State University shows more jobs need to be made available for the residents near the park.

Darryl Carrington, who takes pride in the Fairmount neighborhood, says the perception is changing.

He said, “Three years ago the general perception in terms of this community were negative.”

He says now businesses like Fairmount Coffee Co. are incorporating the neighborhood into its name.

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The second part of the study focuses on the community's needs in relation to economic development.

The study found, 38 percent of residents have someone at their home who is unemployed. It also indicates that 47 percent of residents are employed but want a better job,

Edgington says if more business like hers settle in Fairmount it could improve the overall quality of life here.

She said, “Having more local businesses coming in and willing to hire people from the neighborhood, part of economic development is seeing businesses pop up but also creating jobs for those in the neighborhood.”

There will be a presentation of the second study’s finding this Thursday at Fairmount Coffe Co. from 1 to 2 p.m.

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