Judge seals records in Evan Brewer case

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Evan Brewer Evan Brewer
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Judge Faith Maughan has decided not to release documents pertaining to the abuse and death of three-year-old Evan Brewer. According to court documents KAKE News obtained from a special hearing; the court was concerned releasing the documents would reveal the identity of a confidential source.

The ruling was disappointing for the family and spokesperson, Shayla Johnston, who talked to us by phone.  Johnston says wasn’t aware of the hearing but she’s not surprised with the lack of transparency.

“I was surprised because the records request was made by the media and then the order to seal the records was issued and there may have been a hearing on this matter. The county is well aware that I'm an attorney of record and I was not advised of the hearing,” Johnston said.

Among the many questions that have yet to be answered is why the child was allowed to stay with his mother, Miranda Miller , and her boyfriend, Stephen Bodine after several family members reported abuse.

“I've said from the beginning that Evan's death was predicted. we asked for help for months from different judges,” said Johnston.

Evan brewer was in the care of the couple when found his body encased in concrete inside their home. Miller and Bodine were arrested on unrelated charges.

The cause of death has yet to be determined, and the family is worried the truth of what happened to young Evan will never to be told.

 “I will say that yes, I cried. I will say that I will continue to be heartbroken by the state of our justice system and how children are treated. I'm disappointed in my brethren, the lawyers and the judges who consent and continue to be silent.”

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