Millions of unclaimed property dollars in Kansas

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Each year thousands of people lose track of their bank accounts, cash, stocks, bonds, and other types of money. But what you might not realize is the money is not always lost. It could be sitting in a vault at the State Treasurer's Office.

You may have some unclaimed property and not even know it, Thursday, the State Treasurer came to Sedgwick County to personally help people find it. 

With one quick glance, Wichita residents had a chance to see if they had some money coming back to them. 

"I think they should do this more often," George Fruit said.

George Fruit found $10 the state was holding for him. 

In June the state realized it had  $350 million of unclaimed property. That's when the treasurer's office decided to travel to every Kansas county to bring awareness and help people claim what's rightfully theirs.

"I encourage every one. This is not the state's money, it's the people of Kansas' money," State Treasurer Jake LaTurner said. 

LaTurner said unclaimed property could be anything from dormant checking and savings accounts to utility deposits lost in the mail.

"It's been amazing. We've returned over $9 million. The average claim is $240." 

Sedgwick County is the last stop for the treasurer's tour.

In the last five months over a million Kansans have logged on to this website,

To check if you have any unclaimed property just search Enter your last name and click "go." If you own a small business you can use the same website to check.

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