Cities like Hutchinson losing retail to Amazon

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Target is just the latest retailer to announce it will be closing it's Hutchinson location. It will be just the latest on a long list of stores which have left.  

Joan Molliker is from Larned but drives to Hutchinson to shop. 

Molliker said, "We were really upset when Dillards went out.  And then Sears went out.  And then Penneys went out.  And now Target's out.  Yea, we're real concerned."   

She's not the only one.

It's a real concern to Debra Teufel, President and CEO, of the Hutchinson - Reno County Chamber of Commerce. 

"The unfortunate news of Target closing, really, just cut wide open a wound in this community. So our job in communities is to try to remind people to think intentionally about their shopping pattern.  And when they can choose to shop local."  " Teufel said. 

 In an age of online shopping some local businesses are actually growing. Jane Wagler manages five retail stores including The Et Cetera Shop and Ten Thousand Villages store on Hutchinson's Main Street. 

"We have grown in the last seven years.  We have gone from two businesses to five. Service is our niche," Wagler said.

Sharon Colle is from Inman but also drives to Hutch for shopping. 

"I think it's sad because of internet shopping and people are too busy to go shopping anymore and it's causing our local stores to close," Colle said.

Molliker unlike some shoppers prefers to handle products before purchasing.

"I don't like to do online shopping.  I like to go into the store and feel the fabric and try it on." 

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