Department of Defense hears pitches from small businesses

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Battlefield technology of the future could come from right here in Wichita. Tech scouts from the Department of Defense are in town all week to hear from local innovators. Small businesses like Mike Mathia's company Knoxx are always looking for new business. 

"This is a golden opportunity that you really can't pass up," said Mathia. 

The Department of Defense (DOD) is looking for new and better technologies. The Kansas Small Business Development (SBDC) Center put together an event to give Kansas companies the chance to pitch their idea to the DOD. 

"There is a lot of innovators out there that was hungry for a place to go to commercialize," said Alan Badgely, Associate Director, Kansas SBDC.

Mathia is pitching his software technology for video analytics that can screen job candidates and employees for emotional stability. 

"Our video analytics technology is trying to capture early detection of things like PTSD and depression and suicide risks, where maybe a safety earlier can be routed to these service men and women," said Mathia. 

The DOD isn't looking for just weapons, but also health, communications and even ways to save energy. One successful example from a small business is injectable sponges for bullet wounds similar to these, which have been credited with saving lives on the battlefield. Mathia is a little nervous but looking forward to pitching his big idea. When asked if he is excited Mathia replies, 

"Without question! Does it show? Does it show?" said Mathia

The pitches this week are closed to the public, but evening networking sessions are free and open to the public. If you want to get some questions answered about maybe pitching next year. The schedule can be found here