Wichita Police Department training to be impartial

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There are 650 Wichita Police Department commissioned personnel members attending "Implicit Bias Training" to be fair and impartial while policing.

"That is a big commitment, not only financially but also with time," said Chief Gordon Ramsay during a news conference two weeks ago. "I'm proud of that fact. Again, that was a commitment we made to the community."

Officers and staff members are currently attending one of these six-hour sessions during the month of October.

"Some people did not know they had biases. But you do. It's because of where you're brought up, the way you're trained, the way your culture is. All of that is different, but you can still bring it in and teach everybody a fair and impartial way of policing," said Sgt. Kenneth Kimble, Wichita Police.

There are six trained officers who are teaching these classes to their colleagues. 

"It was different than what we've been taught in the past. We've been doing some sort of racial profiling, sensitivity to the community (training). We've been doing some sort of training for the past 10 years if not longer. This one here kind of resonates a little more with officers. It's a lot more communication based training, where we can bring up some issues and discuss it," said Det. Javier Guete, Wichita Police.

The training began on October 2 and will end on November 2.

"Were going to do it every year. We're going to make sure people know that you can't treat people based on your biases. You can't racially profile. You can't treat people differently than what you need to do. We want everybody to be professional. We want everybody to succeed," said Kimble.

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