Wendy's Student Athlete of the Week: Goddard's Sydney LeFevre

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Goddard senior Sydney LeFevre wasn't always a dominant tennis player.

"I've gotten a lot better and I've done a lot more than I ever expected because when I first started, and when I first started taking it seriously was probably high school," she said.

LeFevre set a goal for herself as she entered high school

"I thought, 'okay, my goal is to make it to state by my senior year,'" she added.

But she would accomplish that goal much sooner than she expected.

"And now I've medaled there three times and I've made it four."

You heard that right. The senior will compete for a fourth straight medal at this year's state tournament.

"It's really special. I think this year is kinda different because I kind of expected it of myself, but it is really special because not a lot of people get the opportunity to," she said.

And she might not have ever had the opportunity to do so without a push from her dad.

"He just forced me to play even though I hated it, a lot."

LeFevre would eventually find a passion for tennis and has been unstoppable ever since.

"She's competitive, she gives 100% every single shot, but I think that being in the now kind of helps that, she's not worried about what happens if I lose? What are scouts gonna think of me? It's I want this for me right now. I want to do my best for me," Goddard tennis coach  Bryce McClung said.

Win or lose this weekend as LeFevre wraps her tennis career she'll finish thankful for the game that's done so much for her.

"I'm really thankful because it's taught me a lot of lessons and it helps me with a lot things besides just getting better at the sport," she concluded.