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COUVA, Trinidad (KAKE) -

Twenty-eight years after the United States ended a four-decade World Cup absence with a stunning victory at Trinidad, the Americans' chances for the 2018 tournament in Russia ended on an island nation off the coast of Venezuela in even more astonishing fashion.

Needing only a tie and confident of victory against the world's 99th-ranked team, the U.S. was eliminated from World Cup contention Tuesday night with a 2-1 loss to Trinidad and Tobago that ended a run of seven straight American appearances at soccer's showcase.

Blake Shumaker, who is the CEO of FC Wichita, which is a youth soccer academy, spoke to KAKE News about the devastating blow to U.S. soccer. He admits it will be weird not seeing America compete in the coveted FIFA World Cup.

He says, “I think there will still be a huge contingency of people watching. Obviously it's just sad for the players that don't get to tune in at 5, 6, 7 years old and fall in love with the idea of their country play in the World Cup."

For those that don't follow soccer closely. The United States played a series of 10 games against 5 other countries to earn a spot in the cup. Each win equates points but the U.S. team fell short of the final three. The top three teams make the final for the World Cup.

Shumaker says, “Last night it was so much more devastating because the U.S. only had to get a win or a draw in order to advance. They could have lost and has two other teams not win and still advance and then Mexico lost and Panama won, it was the worst-case scenario that could happen in a 3-hour span happened."

He added that the loss will definitely cause some changes for U.S. soccer in the future.

“The US will have to change the status quo of how they brought players in and the opportunities they get on the early level.”

The World Cup will be hosted in Russia next year.

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