MoviePass app a hit with local moviegoers, except at East Warren

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Update: A company that offers moviegoers unlimited movies for a monthly fee says that Warren East 20 is no longer supported.

"For the time being, this cannot be changed," an official from MoviePass said Monday. "As of right now, the only information I'm given is that MoviePass is no longer supported by East Warren 20."

The reason why Warren East 20 was removed for the list is unknown. 

Note: Warren West and Warren Old Town theaters still work with MoviePass. 

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MoviePass is a company that offers it’s users unlimited movies for just $9.95 per month. KAKE’s Elijah Higgins put it to the test! Here is a full review.  

The first problem I encountered was that after signing up for MoviePass, it took 37 days for the card to arrive. To be fair, I signed up in August right after they launched the new $9.95 plan, and MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said that they “totally underestimated demand.”

The problem wasn’t so much the wait, but the fact that I couldn’t get ahold of anyone with the company. I tried over and over, and the only response I finally got was a tweet saying “Due to high demand, there have been some delays with shipping.”

However, since then, they have dramatically increased their staff, and plan to be up to speed soon.

Lo and behold, on day 37, the magic card arrived. As frustrating as it was blindly waiting, this was the only real problem I experienced.

The big question: Does it work?

The answer, in short, is YES! There are a few minor bugs, but it works very well overall and is surprisingly easy to use. Once you’re within 100 yards of the theater, open up the app, find your movie, check in, and THAT’S IT! Your card is automatically loaded with the full cost of the ticket, and when you get to the ticket booth, they swipe the MoviePass card just like any other debit card.

NOTE: MoviePass works at Warren West and Warren Old Town. Warren East is no longer supported.

The bigger question: Does it work at Wichita’s famous “specialty” screenings such as Warren 21, the Balcony, and the Director’s Suite?

*UPDATE: Warren East 20 is no longer a supported theater, therefore Warren 21 and the Balcony are no longer supported. For now, it appears that the Director's Suite at Warren Old Town will still work.?

*The answer is YES! The only catch here is that the MoviePass app does not know which showtimes are in which rooms. For example, if you want to see a movie at the Director's Suite, you have to cross-reference the showtimes on the Regal website to make sure you’re selecting a Warren 21 showing on the MoviePass app. A pesky added step, but nothing I found to be too difficult.

MoviePass is definitely a must for any avid moviegoer, but may not be for everyone - so I put together a list of pros and cons.

PRO: No blackout dates. You can go see a movie any day of the year, including weekends and holidays.

CON: 3D and IMAX showings are not included.

PRO: The MoviePass card is a MasterCard debit card. This means it will work at nearly all - approximately 91% - of theatres nationwide. (Anywhere that accepts debit!)

CON: You must buy on-site. Since you have to be within 100 yards of the theater to check in, this means that you can’t buy a ticket days in advance.

PRO: It’s affordable. MoviePass has actually been around since 2011, but until last month when they launched the new price of $9.95/mo, users were paying up to $50 a month for the same plan!

CON: MoviePass is for solo tickets only. So if you’re trying to see a movie with a group of friends, even if every person has a MoviePass card, each person would have to pay separately, so reserving seats together could be a bit tricky.

I give MoviePass 4 out of 5 stars. It absolutely works, it’s a totally legitimate company, and the few bugs the app has are easy to work around. The biggest drawback is the exclusion of 3D and IMAX, but you know what, for $9.95/mo, I’ll shell out the extra cash when I want to see something in IMAX!


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