Delano Fall Fair celebrates 150th anniversary of Chisholm Trail

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Cowboys and cowgirls took to the streets of Wichita Sunday afternoon. The bunch gathered at the Delano Fall Fair, which was along the now 150 year-old Chisholm trail.

Back when cowboys drove cattle from Texas to Kansas on the Chisholm trail they would stop in Wichita and it was the time of saloons, gun fights and cattle rustling, some of which was brought to life at the fall fair.

 Kids riding toy ponies might now really understand what it meant to be a true cowboy, but three time great grandson of Jesse Chisholm, Patrick Murphy, has studied his family's heritage and wants people to remember the Chisholm trail. 

 "I love that the city of Wichita and all these other cities along the trail is doing this great stuff to celebrate the Chisholm trail, because it gives me an opportunity to speak about what the Chisholm name means," Murphy said. 

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the Chisholm trail and Murphy says he's traveled around the state speaking at events, like the Delano Fall Fair.

In 2003 Chisholm trail street signs were placed on every block of Douglas Ave. from Walnut in Delano to Mead by Union Station. 

Historian and Sedgwick County Chairwoman, Mary Lou Rivers thought it would be interesting to create a time element, and include some of Delano's growing history. 

The time capsule was reopened for the 150th celebration. New items from 2017 will be added, and the capsule will be placed back by the clock tower by the end of October. 

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