Wichita group offers combat medical training following Las Vegas shootings

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A Wichita security firm is offering what is being called 'tactical combat wound management' training for citizens.

Kyle Crow is an owner/operator at Raven Threat Management, LLC and says that he wants to provide citizens knowledge of how to treat serious wounds following mass causality events.

“I’ve wanted to bring the combat medicine to the civilian world and make it more of a lifesaver course,” Crow said.

The training seminar was held at Alpha One Drop Zone, a military surplus and weapons store. More seminars are planned; attendance is not free, costing $50.00 per person.

Crow said he usually trains people on weapons and security, but following the hundreds of injuries and dozens killed in Las Vegas, he and his business partner felt they needed to provide lifesaving training for someone trapped in the crossfire of mass casualty situation.

Francisco Banuelos, a 15-year Army Reserve combat medic, former firefighter and certified instructor, was giving the information to the attendees on Saturday. He wants to share his experience as a medic on the battlefield and bring it to citizens since mass casualty situations keep happening. 

“Anybody can be trained, you don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse every time to do some basic first aid,” Banuelos said.

The seminar focused on treating gunshot wounds immediately following a shooting, but some of the information could also be translated over to other incidents like car accidents. In some cases, it can take time for professional medics to arrive, so the trainers say knowing how to assess and treat a wound can help the victims chance at surviving.

Tyler Doughty, a Wichita resident, attended the 3-hour seminar, saying it was seeing the images out of Las Vegas from the shooting and the fact he would not know how to really help some of the victims in the immediate moments after the shooting that motivated him to attend.

“This takes it a step further,” Doughty said. “How to deal with real-life wounds that can happen at any point, gunshot wounds…blood loss.”

For more information on the seminar and training, contact Raven Threat Management through their website at www.raventhreat.com. The training is intense and at points graphic imagery was shown, but if ever put in a situation where treating a serious wound a person would encounter the same graphic images. 

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