Salina area veterans upset with vandalism

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Veterans, and friends and family of veterans, were stopping by the Salina-Saline County War Memorial Friday after hearing about the vandalism to their memorial.

"It just makes me very sad," said Navy veteran Sandi Hinde-Wallace. Besides being a Vietnam era veteran, Hinde-Wallace has another connection to the memorial. Her dad is the designer of the memorial.

Police say vandals spray painted the memorial with green, blue, red, and yellow sometime Wednesday night or Thursday morning.  

John Doherty heard about it and immediately came down to help city employees clean up. He said the memorial means a lot to him because his dad was stationed at nearby Smoky Hill when he was in the Air Force. 

Doherty said, "Its upsetting. There's no doubt about it. I think it's got a lot to do with, we need better parenting, more families to stick together. And I think it would make a big difference. I think the kids who do this these days, have no direction." 

Carol Williams was on the committee back in the early 1990's that sold bricks to raise money for the memorial. She was at the memorial Friday. When asked about the vandalism she said, "Why do they have to do something to something that's so nice? I was really mad. I can't really tell you what I really, really think."  

Most of the graffiti has now been washed away. But there are still some signs of the vandalism. 

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