Gun expert: Vegas gun likely modified rifle

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There's speculation whether or not Las Vegas shooter Stephen Haddock was spraying the crowd near the Mandalay Resort with machine gun fire or if he was using a modified semi-automatic to shoot like a machine gun.

Brandon Light is director of retail operations at Thunderbird Firearms Academy in east Wichita.  Light said, "Definitely the videos indicate that maybe it was something, either was fully automatic, whether that was legal or illegal, illegally modified or whether it was some kind of system that was modified to simulate fully automatic fire."   Light said there are after market products gun owners can purchase and attach to their semi-automatics to make them fire rapidly.

Light said it's difficult for someone to purchase a machine gun.  He said, "It's not something you can walk into the store today and buy any registered machine gun and take home with you.  That's a lengthy process."   Light said it doesn't matter whether you are in Nevada or Kansas because those are federally licensed.  Light said he's seen such licensing take anywhere from three months to a year.

Early reports indicate the shooter had ten guns in that 32nd floor room.