Hoisington car dealer's identity used for fake business website

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Irvin Springer sells used cars in Hoisington the low-tech way, face to face with customers with a handshake.  

Springer has operated his "Springer's Use Cars" lot on Hoisington's south Main street for 16 years.  Spring says he never felt the need to have an internet website or even a Facebook page for his business.

Yet just this month he learned from others that someone has set up a website using his business name, address, phone numbers, even using his name accept for one letter.  The website identifies the owner as Irwin rather than Irvin Spring.  

Springer said, "We've either got an out and out scam where they're trying to get people to send money for non-existent vehicles."  Or he says the website is trying to sell stolen vehicles.

The website only posts high end cars like BMW's, Porches, Mercedes and even a Bentley for sale.  Springer doesn't sell anything of the kind in Hoisington.  

KAKE news checked with the Better Business Bureau in Wichita about this site.  Trade Practice Specialist Robbie Namee said, "The websites hasn't been hijacked but his profile, his business name has."   Namee checked and found the website was set up in the Central American county of Panama.

Springer said he was contacted by a woman in Nevada who almost fell prey to the scammers.  Springer had copies of transactions the woman had with the web company which wanted her to send $21,200 to start the transaction for a car.

Namee advise to consumers is, "You have to be more diligent in your work and research.  It's not so simple anymore just to pick up the phone and call, find the information on the internet anymore.  You have to sometimes take some extra steps to look it up."

Springer is trying to shed light on this so no one winds up being scammed.