New documentary may trigger Vets' PTSD

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It took ten years to make a new documentary about the Vietnam War. The new Ken Burns series premiered on September 17th includes some graphic archival footage that some might remember all too well.

Local groups want to remind veterans who see it, there's help if you need it.

Millions of people nationwide will watch the 18-hour documentary called The Vietnam War, but not everyone is encouraged to watch. The images are graphic, enough for programers to issue a warning before every episode. It could be especially dangerous if you suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

Ron Adame is a Vietnam Veteran from Wichita who served in the Army in 1969, and for many combat veterans like Adame it's a war they will never forget. Adame talked to KAKE News about a book he wrote called Audible Click, it discussed his homecoming experience.

"Like key in a lock and you turn it and there's a slight click and I went "Oh I made it. Now go on you're home. Go do what you are supposed to do. Live your life," Adame said.

But some Veterans might not have their "audible click," and the 10-part series might be unsettling to watch.

Shawn Martin, the Acting Director at the Vet Center says any Vet who might have a challenging time watching the movie can come to the Vet Center, at 251 N Water, and talk to a counselor.

If you need assistance immediately you can call the veteran crisis line at 1-800-273-8255