Suspect in Wichita doctor's stabbing death tried to buy handgun, store owner says

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Dr. Achutha Reddy (left) and Umar Rashid Dutt Dr. Achutha Reddy (left) and Umar Rashid Dutt

The owner of a Wichita shooting range says the man accused of stabbing a local psychiatrist to death tried to buy a gun four days before the alleged crime.

Umar Dutt is accused of stabbing Dr. Achutha Reddy to death at his east Wichita office on Wednesday evening. Dutt was arrested in the Wichita County Club parking lot and booked for first-degree murder.

Mike Relihan, owner of Bullseye Shooting Range, said the 21-year-old Dutt went to the business on Saturday, saying he wanted to buy a handgun for personal protection. 

"As he was working with our two guys that were working with him at the time, (it) became pretty apparent that he was just nervous about things and he wanted something very cheap," Relihan said. "Just wasn't acting right."

Relihan said Dutt's nervousness and inconsistency were red flags.

"He was talking about wanting something for personal protection, but the gun that he was looking at really wasn't something that would have been reliable for that or a right kind of one-and-done kind of thing."

Part of the process of buying a handgun is an ATF background check. Relihan said in most cases it takes only minutes.

"In this case, he was delayed, which means they've got three business days to do a further review on him."

Relihan said Dutt was upset over the delay. 

"Almost broke into tears. He was just visibly upset about the whole thing."

He said he was shocked to learn that Dutt is accused of stabbing Dr. Reddy to death, it was shocking.

"It's pretty shocking. I think it's pretty fortunate, you know, that maybe that he didn't have a firearm...maybe have been more people hurt."

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