Muslim family won't accept police, bank apologies

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An American-Muslim family in Wichita won't accept the apologies of a local bank or police after they were arrested while trying to make a deposit.

Sattar Ali tried to deposit a check from the sale of his home in Dearborn, Michigan.   The Emprise Bank branch wasn't able to verify the check's authenticity so they called police.   Ali, his wife and 15-year-old daughter were taken into custody for questioning.  They were released after the check was verified.   Ali considers it racial profiling.  "They overreacted because an Arab-Muslim came to the bank to make a deposit", Ali said. 

Ali shared a letter he received from Emprise Bank President Thomas Page.  In the letter, Page states, "The decision to contact law enforcement was based solely on the details of the transaction and not on any discriminatory factors".    Ali also received a call from Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay.  The Chief released a statement saying, "Even though WPD officers followed policy, we feel bad for what happened in the course of the investigation."

Ali believes both the bank and police overreacted.  

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