Wendy's Student Athlete of the Week: Northwest's Roy Johnson and Breece Hall

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The Northwest Grizzlies are always known for a high-powered offense with a strong run game. This year Northwest has reloaded once again with a brand new one-two punch.

"Our coach expected this out of us and we expected it out of ourselves, so it really didn't surprise us," junior running back Breece Hall said.

Hall, along with classmate Roy Johnson, are turning plenty of heads.

"I think the one thing that's obvious, that stands out, is their abilities for big plays. Breece is over 400 yards in two games against two very good defenses," head coach Steve Martin said. "What separates Roy is Roy has a big 'ol heart."

"Seeing your mom smile when you do big things in football really touches your heart for sure," Johnson, a junior, added.

The duo is taking their first opportunity to get on the field and running with it and they're not only getting it done on the field but also in the classroom.

"We tell our kids all the time that their success on the field starts in the building and they're guys that have proven that. Sometimes they struggle but they get after it and they go meet with teachers on the side. Being an athlete is great and all, but for them it's also in the classroom," Martin added.

The best part for the Grizzlies is these two have another year to get even better.

Northwest plays at Great Bend this Friday night.