Grassroots group calls for easier ways to vote


A small grassroots group is calling for easier ways to register to vote, having all votes counted, and election results audited in Kansas.

"The main goal is to point out that in Kansas, we've had voter restrictions, voter confusion. We are not having voter fraud," said Jane Byrnes, organizer.

Over a dozen people gathered outside Old Town Square today to voice their concerns about voting in  Kansas.

The gathering comes on the day that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach led President Trump's controversial Election Integrity commission in New Hampshire. The commission is investigating the president's claim of voter fraud during the November election. 

The group feels Kobach is suppression voters. 

"Having to produce many layers of identification. They're just making it difficult compared to many, many other states," said Pat Reinhold with the League of Women Voters Wichita Metro.

Since 2013, proof of citizenship is required for voter registration. Two of the main criteria to register to vote include: being a United States citizen and at least 18-years-old.

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