Lindsborg has problem with feral cats

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Dala horses are welcome in the Swedish community of Lindsborg, feral cats not so much.

But the alleys behind the two block Main Street shopping area is a haven for feral cats.  Those who track and try to trap them say they're most notable early in the morning and in the evening.

Rowena Heart is leading the volunteer effort to try to get the cat population under control.  Heart says their humane program is called Trap-Neuter-Release. They simply trap the cats, get them neutered and release them again.  

But Heart says some of the mature cats are outwitting the traps.  Heart said,  "They're weary of the trap.  So the mothers will go in, lean over the lever, eat the food and then walk out."  The kittens, she says, are easier to trap.  They're also more likely to be placed in a home.  

She says the cats are finding plenty of living and hiding places in some of the overgrown lots.   But they're becoming a smelly, noisy nuisance.

Bob McCall has a hardware store on Main Street.  McCall said, "It's tough coming in the morning and seeing all the cats and they're suffering.  They're not taken care of.  They're stray, they're feral.  And they just keep populating and populating.  There needs to be some control in there."  

Lindsborg Veterinarian Dr. Mollie Lusk said, "There's a lot of people that recognize there's a problem.  And Lindsborg tends to have more for the size of the community than what you'd expect. And I don't know if that's ones out of town that find their way in or some bring them in and dump them."   She says cats multiply quickly.  "But when one turns into 24 and 48 and 150.  They multiply really, really quickly."  

And that's why Heart says they're trying to get on top of the problem.  She says it's all volunteer right now and says they can really use some help.

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