Family say Evan Brewer’s death was unstoppable despite attempts to save him

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Family of Evan Brewer say that they knew in March that the 3-year-old’s death was inevitable.

“I have said since march that Evan was going to be murdered, it was clear that was the course that was going to happen,” said Shayla Johnston.

She says that the family tried multiple times to rescue the boy through the legal system but all attempts failed. Wichita police have not said how the boy died but did say that DNA evidence confirms the boys identity.

“We tried everything we could think of and worked amicably with every agency,” Johnston said.

Johnston says she is a third generation lawyer.

“If me as a third generation attorney and Carlo [the boy's father] with a lifetime in politics and his father giving him resources and assistance; if we cannot save our own child in our family, then the whole system is broken,” Johnston said.

Evan Brewer was the grandson of former Wichita mayor Carl Brewer.

The family is now pushing for rapid change in the system that is designed to protect children.  

Johnston suspects Evan Brewer’s mother and her reported boyfriend are at fault in Evan’s death, even going as far as suggesting that the boyfriend murdered Evan.

“We are looking for those homicide charges to come, keep Stephen Bodine and Miranda Miller in jail and to seek justice for Evan,” Johnston said.

Bodine is the reported boyfriend of Evan Brewer's mother, Miranda Miller. The pair are jailed on charges unrelated to Brewer's death. 

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