Small Kansas town helps hurricane victims clean up

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Several residents in and around the town of Norwich, Kansas, are helping people affected by hurricanes clean up the damage by assembling "flood buckets."

These flood buckets are plastic five-gallon containers filled with cleaning supplies.

“Now that the hurricanes have hit, they are needed desperately,” said Judy Casner.

Casner was at the Norwich hardware store with several other people Sunday afternoon arranging 50 flood buckets to be shipped out to help hurricane victims.

“Just imagine you were given one of these,” Casner said. “Would that just be exciting to know you had this to work with if you had nothing?”

Casner said they collected enough supplies to fill 50 of the five-gallon containers with cleaning items.

The flood buckets usually cost around $75 to build, but the owner of the Ye Old Hardware Store in Norwich was able to get special pricing, reducing the cost to below $70, saving over $250.

“I dropped my margins down to next to nothing. We are covering costs and that’s okay,” said hardware store owner June Hardaway. “Sometimes you got to do what you got to do to help your fellows out.”

The items in the flood buckets were from a selected list from the United Methodist Committee on Relief.

Several churches helped with the cost of the supplies, as well did individual people donating money. 

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