Wins for Kansas: Hope for Hemophilia

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An estimated 50,000 U.S. residents live with hemophilia. It's a condition that prevents blood from clotting easily after a cut or injury.

A group in Wichita tries to help families with the added burden of this debilitating disorder. The name says it all: "Hope for Hemophilia". It has helped hundreds of families give their loved ones a chance to live normal healthy lives.  

"It can be a big hardship in a short period of time," said Noel Minor, registered nurse and volunteer. "Hope for Hemophilia will help these families in a time of crisis."

Minor said the group offers counseling, resources and, most importantly, financial assistance to families dealing with hemophilia.

"The medications, because of the cost.... can be a big hardship on the families, and without insurance, they can not do this," Minor explained.

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder and prevents a person's blood from clotting properly. it's treated with regular self injections of a clotting factor or plasma. 

"We treat scrapes on elbows and knees just the same," Minor said. "They don't bleed faster, just longer. And it's such a rare thing. You may meet a doctor who went their entire career and never treated someone with hemophilia." But for those dealing with it, it can be a tremendous drain. 

KAKE's Wins for Kansas partners DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers stepped up to help with a $500 donation. Hope for Hemophilia will hold its annual fun run and one-mile walk at High Park in Derby Saturday, September 23. Find out more by clicking here.

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