Basketball programs donate shoes for Houston

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The flooding in Houston has captured the attention and heart of the country many asking how they can help. The University of Houston's basketball coach Kelvin Sampson put a call out on Twitter today asking basketball teams for shoes and t-shirts from their program. The response has been overwhelming not just across the country but also here. 

"We're counting on our students to come through with that. I'm sure they will, we'll hopefully be able to help in a big way," said Coach Brett Flory, Derby High School Boys Basketball. 

When Flory found out about Sampson post he knew his students would help out. 

"Really it is just the basketball community, in general, coming to together. We are one of many schools. You know we aren't doing anything special with this. There are many many schools that have answered that call," said Flory. 

The Derby Panthers aren't the only area high school team answering the call. 

"Coach Abasolo at Mulvane is joining us in this. Coach Jackson at East High just to name two coaches that I know that are getting involved in this as well."

It isn't just high schools wanting to help Houston. Wichita State posted a picture of their donation, so did Kansas State and Fort Hayes State. Schools of all sizes across the country are putting together packages for Sampson including the other WSU, Washington State, large schools like UCLA, and even small organizations like Sinai Temple in Los Angeles. Flory is just excited to see everyone pitch in to help Houston. 

"Kind of be cool to see down there all these different shirts from all these different towns from around the country supporting Houston right now."

Nickerson High School is also putting together a package for Houston. Sampson is asking for 20 school t-shirts and 10 pairs of shoes to be sent to:
Kelvin Sampson
University of Houston Basketball
Guy V Lewis Development Center
3480 Cullen Blvd. 
Houston, TX 77204

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