Kansas animal rescue groups help hurricane pets

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Jo Hawkins is moved by the devastation she's seen in the news concerning Hurricane Harvey.  Hawkins says she knows not only people but their pets also are in need in the greater Houston area of Texas.  Hawkins said, "Oh, I love animals is the main thing.  And I want to help. I feel for all the people.  I feel for the animals."

Hawkins and others are donating to "Beauties and Beasts,Inc." a Wichita based animal rescue group.  

Randi Carter, of Beauties and Beasts, said Houston area animal shelters have asked Kansas animal rescue groups for help.  Carter said Houston area shelters don't have space for all the pets displaced by the hurricane.  So, she says, rescue groups like "Beauties and Beasts" will take vans with cages to bring back dogs to put in foster homes in Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.   Carter said,  "The goal here is to actually get some of the dogs that are in the shelter down there moved out so there's room for dogs that are actually trapped in the hurricane zone right now."  

But Carter said they can't do the work without donations.  She's expecting three vans to go to Houston.  Carter said they'll need money donated to cover the costs for the trip including fuel and food costs.  She says many of the human shelters also have people bringing their pets with them and so will need pet food dropped off at some of those to help out.   

Carter adds there isn't a lot of time to get the job done.  She says they're leaving Friday morning and so only have through Thursday to collect what's necessary for this first trip.  She said they will likely need to make more trips later because the needs will go on for several weeks.

Find more information on supplies needed you can click on this link at beautiesandbeasts.org.  You can also go to Beauties and Beasts, Inc. Facebook page for more information.

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