Wins for Kansas: Little Blessings

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Sometimes little things that can help turn a not-so-good day into a great one. A Wichita woman puts smiles on faces across the city with some help from tiny companions. 

Merline is a miniature therapy horse. His owner, Kat Rodriguez, trained him to visit schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

"Animals do have a certain healing power for some people," Rodriguez said, "or they bring a healing presence to some people." Her non-profit is aptly named Little Blessings.

Rodriguez said people who visit with the small therapy horses all have the same reaction. "If someone is in a bed, we'll take the horse up to the bed and that person can pet, ask questions. It's just fairly soothing to that person to have that interaction with the horse."

Rodriguez said it can cost a lot to transport, shelter and feed the horses. That's why our partners at Wins for Kansas wanted to help. DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers presented Little Blessings with a $500 grant.

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