Wins for Kansas: Passageways

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Passageways is a Wichita group which provides struggling and sometimes homeless veterans with a temporary home. 

It's been a big year for Passageways. Along with purchasing a home to shelter homeless veterans, the group has had an increase in volunteers and donations. 

"This community has been so phenomenal," founder Jennifer Garrison said. "We embarrassed the heroes, embarrassed them."

Garrison fondly refers to those veterans as heroes - some of them struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and chemical dependency. "They have seen so many things and been through so much, that they really need a quiet place to heal and find themselves again," she said,

Not only does Passageways give them that place to heal, but the volunteers are helping them to get back their lives by connecting them with people who can help. "There are treatment programs; there's AA [Alcoholics Anonymous]; there [are] all kind of programs that help them along the positive path."

Passageways is this weeks Wins for Kansas, and received a $500 grant from DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers.

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