Community Center inspires local grocers

A small rental space in an alley in downtown Wichita, but what you'll find behind the doors is something big.

The downtown area lacks a grocery store. The Confluence Community Center says a community garden would allow people to turn their hobby into a business. "We are taking the artistic community and the agricultural community into entrepreneurship which has never been done before," William Stofer said.

The Confluence Community Center is a mix of a lot of things from art, education, to health and wellness and economical growth. It's a workspace that provides endless opportunities.There are a lot of things happening in Wichita and it's the community centers goal to connect people to whats going on.

Confluence also has many projects and events that we need volunteers for, this is the perfect meeting to come discover what you might be interested in participating in.

To learn more about The Confluence Community Center visit their Facebook page.

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