124 Kansas moms gather for breastfeeding picture

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Photo: T.marie Photography Photo: T.marie Photography
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Some are stay-at-home moms.

Some work late at night.

Some have different views on politics and faith.

Yet, one event brought more than 120 Kansas moms and their babies together this week: a goal to normalize breastfeeding.

Tiffany Schmidt said to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, she wanted to gather moms to show support and solidarity in something that can be misunderstood. Schmidt, who runs T. Marie Photography with her husband, said she struggled to breastfeed with her first child.

“I formula-fed my first, after trying to nurse for 6 weeks, going back to work and my supply diminishing, and felt like a complete failure,” she said. “I cried lots of tears, but with my second I was determined to breastfeed my second. This idea just kind of came to me.”

In 2015, she invited moms to join her for a photo session – in a public setting – to showcase the one thing they all have in common: breastfeeding their babies. She’ll take a massive group picture and individual pictures of moms and their little ones. The first year, nearly 60 moms were a part of the event, including Amber Haskin-Miller. She was anxious to be a part of it again.

“It's feels amazing to be a part of that group because you don't feel alone when lots of times you do when breastfeeding especially an older child or toddler,” she said. “Everyone is so open and friendly and it just feels like you have an instant connection with the other mothers.”

Last year, about 200 women joined the event. This year, she had 124 moms and 127 babies for the photo shoot. The youngest baby was six days old, and the oldest was 5 years old. The youngest mom was 19, and the oldest mom is 44 years old. 

Schmidt is already planning for next year’s event, slated for Aug. 3, 2018, during World Breastfeeding Week.

“I was always nervous to nurse in public but sometimes you just had to,” she said. “This event has brought comfort, pride, and normalcy to breastfeeding. We all have one thing in common---the most selfless thing. It's been beautiful to watch it evolve and women starting up random conversations with others has made all the planning worth it.”

You can see more pictures from the photo session on Schmidt's Facebook fan page by clicking here.

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