Mike Dean: an NBC World Series legend

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The 2017 NBC World Series wrapped up on Sunday as the Kansas Stars completed an undefeated sweep through the tournament championship.

Throughout the more than two week World Series, many teams made their way to Wichita, as did many workers.

One of those workers made the journey the same way he has for the last 34 years. That man is official scorekeeper and amateur musician Mike Dean.

When Dean isn't performing the National Anthem or 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game,' he's in a press box keeping score - a skill he picked up back in 1978.

"I think the big thing was joining the NBC Association of Scorers in '78," Dean said. "And getting that little book called 'How to Score' that's long since out of print."

As Dean, a 2007 NBC Hall of Fame inductee, wraps up his 34th NBC World Series, the 61-year-old says he's still not had quite enough.

"I think as long as my health is good and as long as the NBC will want me, I'll keep coming," Dean added. "I'm appreciative of the opportunities I've had here with the NBC, very much so."

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