Kansans can get Real ID cards now

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The Read ID Act was passed back in 2005.  But only now starting August 1st, 2017 can Kansans get drivers licenses complying with the federally passed Real ID Act.

That act passed to make it harder for terrorists to get fake U.S. identification.

States are starting to issue drivers licenses which will also work as federal identification before an October 1, 2020 deadline.  By then you have to have such an ID card or you won't get through TSA lines to board a domestic flight or be able to get into many federal buildings.

The Kansas Department of Revenue, which operates drivers license offices, have postings inside office foyers informing residents about the act and what documents are necessary to get the card.

To get a "Real ID" card you need to bring to the drivers license office a valid U.S. passport OR birth certificate, AND proof of social security number.

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