Wins for Kansas: Blue Sky Ranch

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A family in Haysville has opened up its home and hearts to help people struggling with emotional issues.

Blue Sky Ranch's name says it all. Not only is there plenty of blue sky, but also a crystal clear lake and plenty of room to roam.

Several years ago, Paul and Tammy White decided to share this place. They work with at-risk children, veterans, children with autism, and sometimes young men in need of a mentor.

"They need that," a coach at the ranch said. "They need to be boys, and be nuts and mindless and have some fun."

For one group of teens, being in the great outdoors opened up new possibilities. "You're actually out here doing something - having a good time, bonding with friends, bonding with horses and learning something new," the coach said.

With the help of daughter Camber, the Whites use something called equine therapy - using the horses and each other to solve challenges. For instance: which members of a group are the lightest and will have their hands on a horse's mane?

"I grew up on a ranch and a farm and I know the value of learning to work, learning to use tools and equipment - learning to invest yourself into something," the coach said.

Blue Sky Ranch has helped countless people, but it relies on donations. Our Wins for Kansas partners DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers were happy to help with a $500 grant.

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