White House adviser visits Wichita, talks economy

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A Senior White House adviser came to Wichita to see what businesses in the Midwest region need to grow and succeed.

Eric Branstad is the senior adviser for the Department of Commerce and toured the Kruse Corporation in north Wichita.

“What we want to hear is have are your challenges and what is stopping you from growing,” Branstad said of his meeting with local business owners.

“Our focus is on, buy in America, made in a America, the American worker, rising wages and deals...trade deals that make sense for America,” he added.

Local business owner Kent Kruse said that he feels the biggest impact in regards to the economy through where he can sell his product and how much he can pay his employees.

“Our challenge is trying to increase those wages so our employees have a very fair life,” Kruse said, but added things could be getting better.

“Our customer base is getting more optimistic, getting budgets from us, getting ready to green-light some projects, where prior to about a year ago, there was more hesitancy and more pessimism.”

Branstad said he would take what he learns from Wichita and other Midwest cities and will take it to Washington. He says President Trump looks forward to hearing from the American people.  

“He will love to hear of all of the conversations and all of the people that I have been able to talk with and interact with today,” Branstad said. “Both hearing the praise and hearing the challenges and concerns of what is facing every family and every worker in America.”

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