Police focus on reducing crime at hotels, motels on Kellogg

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Wichita police officers are focusing on reducing crime at hotels and motels on Kellogg.

The Hotel Motel Interdiction Teams are focusing their efforts on businesses on East and West Kellogg.

"We are going to do everything we can to clean up our city and make it safe for everyone who lives or visits Wichita," said Lt. Ron Hunt, Wichita Police.

Since the Patrol West program started in September 2016, officers have made 215 arrests and recovered 44 stolen vehicles and 25 stolen tags. 

"All the businesses along Kellogg are affected by high crime rate. So, I think they're starting to work with us more. they realize we're not their enemy. We're there to help them," said Sgt. Steve Yarberry, Wichita Police.

In May, a wanted murder suspect from Riley County was caught at an East Wichita motel. Police said the suspect tried to check into a motel on the west side, when they learned that he was in Wichita.

"That's cooperation and sharing information and them willing to call us and provide us with information. So, we're certainly grateful for that," said Hunt.

Officers at Patrol East have created a similar team to focus on East Kellogg motels and hotels. Since the initiative started on March 15, they have made 112 arrests, recovered three stolen cars, and seized various drugs.

Officers said they have a message for criminals.

"If you come into these areas that we're targeting and focusing, we're going to catch you," said Yarberry.

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