Community helps Kansas family rebuild home

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Karen and Dwight Miller Karen and Dwight Miller

The Miller family says it's been three weeks too long to see a hole where their home once stood, looking out Saturday, seeing structure, gives them hope.

It's always exciting to be building a new house, but for the Miller's the construction happening wasn't planned. 

"There's something that helps you deal with grief if you have hope to look forward to. People have been so gracious," Karen Miller said.

 People from the Partridge area, Yoder community, and even from out of state, volunteered to be a part of the rebuild.

 What was an empty space now looks a lot like a home again.

In Kansas, the foundation of any home is important. But one foundation poured on Wednesday is strong because of a community of faith. 

"It wasn't a fancy home or anything but it was ours," said Karen Miller, sitting next to her husband, Dwight. 

The fire destroyed the dwelling that Dwight and Karen Miller along with their six children called home. They live in the Reno County town of Partridge. 

"I quickly came back and when the house came into view, the fire was shooting out of the living room window already," said Dwight Miller. 

Yet, something amazing happened as flames gutted their home. About 200 people stopped by to check on them. 

"Some of them came around just to give a hug, to pray with us. There was a whole ice chest of sub sandwiches brought in for lunch," said Karen. 

The fire was put out but it sparked an outpouring of help and support the Millers are still getting their heads around. 

"It is because we live in a community where people care and they showed up and helped us salvage what we could and clean things up," said Miller. 

"The relay went around and by evening we had a whole utility room full of clothes for our family, we had a whole table full of boxes of groceries. It was just overwhelming," said Karen. 

On Saturday, the community will rally yet again to raise the framing of the new home. 

"Saturday will just be three weeks and to have the framing all completed just blows you away," said Karen. 

It's a home raised on a foundation of faith. 

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