Temperature rises and so do AC service calls

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A week of hot July weather will be taxing the limits of some air conditioners.

Roth Heating and Air service manager, Jim Kuhn, said, "We usually get a lot more calls.  And often times it prevents us from being able to provide same day service because we just have such an overrun of calls."  

Of this time of year, Kuhn calls it,  "This is our harvest.  This is what we expect."  

Kuhn suggests homeowners get regular maintenance and check ups on their air conditioning units to help ensure they're ready to work during the hottest periods.   "And even if they are inspected ahead of time, it doesn't guarantee you're not going to have a problem because things just fail in the heat."

Here are some tips Kuhn gives for homeowners to prolong the life of their air conditioners:  Get regular maintenance, replace filters in a timely manner.  (Often suggested monthly).  Keep the coils in the outdoor unit cleaned.