Wins for Kansas: Catholic Charities Harbor House

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Domestic violence is a serious cycle that affects countless women and children. But Catholic Charities' Harbor House offers abuse victims in Sedgwick County not only shelter,  but a chance to make a fresh start.

It all starts with a victim making a difficult decision to ask for help. "That one phone call could have been something they were waiting to do for ten years,"
Program Director Keri McGregor said.

McGregor explained domestic violence victims rarely have time to plan where they're going to go to escape. "We understand that not everybody is able to find shelter the moment they're ready to leave, and that's the sad reality of it."

Not only does Harbor House offer shelter, but support services and counseling. It's a tall order, and McGregor said demand for its services has never been greater. "We turn away roughly 70 people a month who are in imminent danger, fleeing a dangerous situation and don't have a safe place to be."

Over the years, Harbor House advocates have helped countless women, children and sometimes men to escape their abusive situations and start fresh. For that reason, our Wins for Kansas partner DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers honored them with a $500 grant. 

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