Drivers react to wide gas price difference

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Salina resident Deana Brandenburg had an appointment Monday in Wichita.  She noticed a wide difference in the price of gasoline between Salina and McPherson and decided to take advantage of it.  

Brandenburg said, "It's $2.19 (in Salina).  We left there this morning, been to Wichita and this is the cheapest place between here and Wichita."  

There were others from Salina fueling up in McPherson the county south of theirs.  

"Had an appointment in Wichita and made sure I stopped here to get fuel on a the way home," said Salina driver Linda Rickstraw.  Looking at the marquee at the Loves Store she said, "A dollar-89.  COMPARED TO WHAT?  Compared to $2.19 in Salina."  

Even a driver from Lincoln, Nebraska, Mark Pieper couldn't believe the variation in prices from Lincoln to Salina to McPherson.  Pieper said, "We just came down from Nebraska and we were $2.25 and then it dropped to $2.19 and now a buck-89.  So it's really nice."  

A Triple-A spokesman said, gasoline prices can vary for a number of reasons including larger companies getting large volume wholesale discounts they can pass on.  Some markets AAA says are more competitive than others.  

But the general manager of Newell's Travel Center in Newton, Sharon Bedlington said, wholesale prices to dealers often vary depending on which refinery the buyer happens to be purchasing from.

So while McPherson is generally at $1.89 for regular unleaded according to Gas, you'll find $1.99 price in cities including Hesston, Newton, Wichita and Arkansas City.