Man held in Sedgwick County for terroristic threat

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A man is under arrest in the Sedgwick County Jail for terrorism.

Inmates records show Brendon Tyler May, 28, was booked shortly after 5:00 a.m. Monday. He is held on no bond for one terrorism count.

Police said they received several reports of a threat posted on Facebook.  The following was posted on May's page last night:

Tomorrow I will probably make the news and after I'm dead you'll see this and know this could have been prevented I already warned you you thought what I did today was bad I'm taking it further it's amazing what money can buy and what money can't.  Tell my children I love them since I couldn't see them on Father's Day but today I'm a civilian tomorrow I will be a suspect an armed gunman I have nothing to lost everything has been stripped away and the money I do have can't buy me happiness so for those who want to be rich thinking they'll be happy choose a different dream I can't take money with me.  But nobody tells me when I can and can't see my children.  This is the end I apologize to all the victims family of tommorow (sp) tragedy in advance. 

The post included a photo of a rifle and ammunition. 

Officers arrested May in the 10000 block of East Kellogg early Monday.  

May's now ex-girlfriend says May did not own a gun and the post was him trying to get attention. 

"He didn't mean any of it, I didn't feel threatened by it, the cops showed up and it kind of scared me then," said his ex-girlfriend. 

Records show that May was arrested in the Kansas City, Missouri area for assault several years ago. 

The Sedgwick County District Attorneys Office says as of 2:30 p.m. on Monday that the Wichita Police Department has yet to present the case for formal charges. 


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