KAKEland Church gives all kids a chance to camp

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If you're a kid, the best part of summer can be  heading off to camp. Unfortunately, not every parent can afford to send their child.  That's where the United Methodist Church in Leon is stepping into help. It's this weeks Wins for Kansas.

You can see the excitement on their young faces. A full week away from home to swim, play and camp in the great outdoors. 

"For a brief moment in time they are able to unplug and just be a kid and that really what's so cooling about not just for us the entire congregation," said Pastor Jim Helzer.

Helzer and his congregation saw just how life-changing camp could be for kids.  Throughout the year the church holds fundraisers with just one goal.

"Our initiative is to send ever kids to camp without the cost to them or their families," he said.

The kids -- many of them from single parent, low-income homes -- are sent to camp horizon in Arkansas City. It's so much fun word has spread across town. 

"There is a bigger demand and as more kids have the experience it spreads like wildfire," Helzer said.

And to make sure a few more children had the chance to go, KAKE's partners at Wins For Kansas wanted to help. 

The DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are providing a boost to the Church's mission with a $500 donation. 

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