Valley Center 'safety walk' with weapons follows recent crime

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A group of Valley Center residents took to a public sidewalk with weapons Sunday, bringing awareness to crime in their neighborhood and concerns over the local police department.

Tom Lille spearheaded what he called the "safety walk" with two goals: bring attention to crime in the area, as well as what Lille sees as scandals in the local police department.

Lille was a recent victim of burglary. He said its time for crooks to know there is no place for them in Valley Center.

“If you are here to do mischief, we are going to see you. We are going to contact authorities. You are going to be arrested. You are not going to get away with it here in Valley Center... not anymore,” Lille declared.

A group of about 15 people walked to Valley Center City Hall. They hoped local council members would be there to hear their concerns, but none were present.

In the past several months, two members of the Valley Center Police Department have left the force, one under questionable circumstances.

Lille said he wants to continue the safety walks, and will be pressuring the city council to address concerns from residents about the police department. He is also proud to own and open-carry a weapon, and feels that others should do the same.

"Open carry should just be a standard practice," Lille said.  

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