Delano businesses helping wounded restaurant owner

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Ruben's special at Tanya's Soup Kitchen Ruben's special at Tanya's Soup Kitchen

More help Tuesday, June 27th for Ruben Acosta. The Wichita restaurant owner still recovering almost 20 days after he was shot during an attempted robbery.

Neighboring restaurants stepped in to help with expenses. 

It might not be your first time eating at Picasso's Pizza in Delano, but on Tuesday, you saw a slice on the menu you've never seen before. 

"Today we had a taco slice, which we've never had before, which was really exciting because we ran out at lunch and we had to restock and we ran out again at dinner," Owner Kurt Schmidt said.

Ordering the taco slice helped, the owners of a nearby restaurant, Ruben's Mexican Grill. 

Picasso's sold more than a thousand dollars in taco slices. The rest of the money collected for the Acosta's was donated by customers just wanting to give. 

Just down the street, "The Monarch" was selling a Ruben sandwich with chips. again the money from the sandwich sales going to Ruben. 

Customers like Mark Reynolds didn't order the special but felt compelled to donate anyway. 

"I stopped into Ruben's and made a donation. I think everybody should pull together and help somebody like that," Reynolds said.

The owner of The Monarch said the Ruben sandwich was a top seller over 150 were sold.

A local restaurant and its guests are coming together to help a restaurant owner who's still recovering after being shot.

Ruben Acosta's restaurant, Ruben's Mexican Grill, remains closed one week after the owner was shot during an attempted robbery. Wichita Police say Acosta was able to defend himself and his customers by shooting back at the would-be thief.

While Acosta recovers, the owner's of Tanya's Soup Kitchen are serving a special dish in his honor.

Ruben's beef enchilada casserole has customers raving

"Wonderful! It was real good," Sally Peters said.

Not only do customers say the dish tastes great, but it's sole purpose for being on the menu is to help Acosta.

Co-owner of Tanya's Soup Kitchen, Sarah Osborn-Bennett took to social media Friday to let people know 100 percent of Ruben's beef enchilada casserole sales will be donated to Acosta.

Man jailed for robbery, shooting of Wichita restaurant owner

"I just know that being closed as a restaurant, even for a few days it snowballs really quickly and it's hard to recover from that," co-owner of Tanya's Soup Kitchen, Sarah Osborn-Bennett said.

Customers responded quickly.

"Well, I had already eaten lunch, had a late lunch, but it was real important to come down here and support Ruben, and it's a typical Tanya's restaurant
thing to do," Peters said.

"It's wonderful that they're doing this," customer Elizabeth Lewis said.

Osborn-Bennett remembers the trying times her restaurant went through after losing former owner, Tanya Tandoc in 2015. She says she knows other restaurant owners would do the same for them.

The Ruben special will be served Saturday, June 17 from 5PM to 8PM.

Police have identified the accused robber as 26-year-old Reginald Kane. He has recovered from his gunshot wound and has been booked into the Sedgwick County Jail.