Cleanup comes after the storms

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Lindsborg resident Bobby Peterson was working up sweat Friday maneuvering a chain saw around downed tree limbs.  

Peterson said, "Well, mother nature did that last night.  We had winds come through here."  "Someone said they were clocked at 77 miles per hour."  

The winds during Thursday's storm indeed were clocked at 77 miles per hour on KAKE's exclusive weather bug in Lindsborg.

It was a common site to see residents cleaning up in the McPherson county community.  

Bruce and Jan Buchanan were busy hauling away several loads of debris from two downed silver maple trees on rental properties they own.

Jan Buchanan said,  "I don't have to go to the gymnasium today. I get my work out here cleaning this up."  

Bruce Buchanan said the two of them were at a friend's home Thursday afternoon waiting for the storm to pass through.  

Bruce said,  "All of a sudden it started intensifying to high wind and about the time you thought it was as fast as it could go it ramped up about three-fold.  I'm sure it was 80 plus miles per hour. It was straight out of the west.  We watched tree limbs flying through the air."

Lindsborg residents were hauling pickup and trailers loaded with limbs to the town's designated drop off site just east of town  

Monday Lindsborg city crews will begin picking up tree debris left at the curbs.

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