Salina plant releases statement after chemical incident

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Photo: Rocky Robinson via Salina Post Photo: Rocky Robinson via Salina Post

A plant that had to be evacuated after a chemical incident Friday afternoon has released a statement following the incident. 

Representatives from McShares Inc. say the evacuation was precautionary and there was no leak or spill at all:

McShares, Inc (REPCO), Salina, Kansas had a chemical reaction in a tank that behaved abnormally Friday afternoon 6/16/2017 and we will be investigating the cause.  Erring on the side of caution, we notified the Salina Fire Department and the Hazmat Response Team and determined the safest thing to do was to create an exclusion zone for the safety of REPCO employees and the surrounding area.  The chemical reaction site is contained and there was no leak, no fire and no hazardous chemical release.  The reaction was suppressed per our Emergency Action Plan and will be mediated as time permits.  Currently there is no risk to the public or property.

Authorities gave an all clear just after 6 p.m. 

Authorities evacuated a half-mile radius around the plant at 1835 E North Street. Homes in the area as well as Great Plains Manufacturing and A+ Galvanizing were evacuated.

In a news release, Saline Co. Emergency Management said a bad chemical reaction happened when the plant mixed hydrogen peroxide, benzoyl chloride, and azelaic acid.  The reaction caused a plume that forced the evacuation of the plant and residences in the area.  

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