Mother warns of strangers at Wichita's Riverside Park

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A Wichita mother is warning families visiting a local park after a homeless man followed her 10-year-old son. 

Micky Maddux took her son to Riverside Park to celebrate his 10th birthday, but celebration turned to panic

"I saw a man follow my son around the pond ," Maddux said. "He started hiding behind the trees, which kind of alerted me that something was up."

Maddux says she kept a close eye on the man, watching his every move.

"As my son went down to the water with his fishing pole, this man came out from behind the tree and starting coming toward my son." 

It's there that Maddux scared him off and eventually called Wichita police.

"I ran all the way around, screaming to alert my son. When I got around to the gazebo, the man noticed I was running after him." 

With summer in full swing, Riverside Park is full of families. Several at the splash zone say they've had similar experiences with homeless people following their children. 

Lupe Quezada says she's aware of the issue and monitors closely.

"Just make sure, if you need to go up to them and ask them to leave you alone, that's what I would do if they came up to me." 

Maddux says while this incident isn't scaring her away from the park, she is urging parents to be extra vigilant with their kids. 

"We are definitely going to come back, but I'm going to do the same thing I always do, I never take my eyes off of my kids. I never let my guard down."

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