Cushman scooter owners meet in Hutchinson

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Cushman motor scooters haven't been manufactured since 1965.  But that doesn't keep their owners from riding them.

This week members of the Cushman Club of America are holding their annual meet on the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.

They gather to relive memories of their youth surrounding experiences with their old Cushman scooters.

Steve Abbitt is president of the Oklahoma Cushman Club and said, "I have a 1961 five horse that I bought brand new in 1961.  And I paid for it throwing newspapers.  I rode it when I was a kid.  I rode it everywhere.  And I just haven't grown up."  

His story is similar to others.  They talk about how their newspaper routes were how they paid for their scooters and how they justified to their parents why they should have one as a teenager.   

But Bill Husted of Laverne, Oklahoma said he never could convince dad to let him get a Cushman scooter.  Husted said, "I wanted one, as a kid, couldn't afford one.  My dad wouldn't let me have one.  And I was 60 years old when I got my first one."  

Diadri Horan, of Portsmouth, Virginia explains what the draw is to the little scooters.  "It's their youth.  It's reliving their youth." 

The Cushman Club of America meets in Hutchinson through Thursday.