Woman chases down suspect who prompted Amber Alert

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A south Wichita resident got the shock of her life when a suspect, wanted for murder and kidnapping, walked through her front yard.

Lezlee Brown lives near 47th Street South and Broadway and says she routinely is on the lookout for suspicious activity, but when a known suspect walked through her yard, it caught her off guard.

“I did holler at the kids to get inside,” she said.

The suspect was Dane Wright, police believe he killed a woman on North Ash Street, started the home on fire and then took the woman's children. His current charges include murder, arson and child endangerment.

An Amber Alert was issued Friday evening, six hours after the woman was found dead and her three children could not be found.  Police were asking everyone to be on the lookout for a white 2000’s Ford Focus.

Suspect in Wichita AMBER Alert case booked for arson, murder

"Well I was very aware of the amber alert, and there was some police activity going on in the neighborhood,” Brown said.

When Wright came through Brown’s yard, she called 911 and started to chase after him; emergency dispatchers on the phone advised her not to.

“I'm telling them, I'm Lezlee Brown and this guy is not getting out of my sight. I was going to follow him until the police arrived,” she proclaimed.

Brown did say that Wright was acting very strangely. She did not want much recognition for chasing down the suspect, she preferred to not be shown on camera, but one thing was for certain, she was going to keep up with Wright as he fled. 

Body found after Wichita house fire

Earlier in the day and across the street at Wholesale Liquor Outlet, Jareko Bailey unknowing found the missing car. Bailey said he knew the car looked out of place, but when he left work at 3:00 p.m., three hours before the Amber Alert was issued, he felt he had no reason to report the vehicle.

“He pulled in through this parking lot,” Bailey said. “He parked right there in that parking spot,” he pointed out.

The stores security cameras caught what appears to be Wright parking the Ford and walking away. The three missing children were not with him in the video recording.

Bailey said his co-works called 911 to report the car in the parking lot after the Amber Alert was issued and then called him. “[They said] that Amber Alert that was issued, that car is in the parking lot,” Bailey said.

Wright was arrested outside the Dillon's Grocery Story near 47th Street South and Broadway. The three children were located at a nearby hotel and taken to safety. 

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