Wins for Kansas: Wichita Fellowship Club

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According to Alcoholics Anonymous, one in ten drinkers will become an alcoholic. It's a problem the Wichita Fellowship Club began tackling more than 50 years ago, and today it's still helping.

What looks from the outside like a big house in Midtown Wichita is a home to dozens of recovering alcoholics.

"We don't want just want to feed and house them. We want to change them through the program of tough love," Madeline Akers explained. She said the Wichita Fellowship Club has twice the success rate compared to other programs.

One of its success stories is Tom Walker. "The Wichita Fellowship Club has saved my life," he said. "I really mean that I was on a path to destruction."

A former alcoholic, Walker now manages the halfway home. He says beating alcoholism isn't easy, but in the end, the investment is well worth it. "Once they come to terms with their alcoholism and fight that, then they turn out to be beautiful people," he said.

Our Wins for Kansas partner DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers saluted the club by presenting it a $500 grant. Learn more about it by clicking here.

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