Saline County couple nearly get pierced by tree limb

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A Saline County couple is counting themselves lucky after a large piece of debris came too close for comfort inside their home Thursday evening. 

"We were up here in the bathroom looking out the window like dummies," said Dave Nely, less than 24 hours after the storm ripped through the area. 

Dave and Regina Nely live in the Knollcrest subdivision a few miles west of Salina. 

Tornado Watch issued for parts of Kansas

He pointed to where a tree limb pierced through the outer and inner walls of the house and through the fiberglass bathtub inside where they had been standing seconds before it happened. 

"We were peering out the bathroom window and the big tree in the middle of the front yard is just lifted right out of the ground," Regina Nely said. "We could see the roots and everything and it was going straight up in the air.  And David looked at me and said, 'I think it's time we go to the basement.'"   

She said they heard a loud crash and boom as they were walking down the basement steps.  Later they discover what made the noise.  It was that limb which was now protruding into the bathroom space they were standing in as they watched the storm approaching.

A close call -- and an reminder for all about the true power severe weather in Kansas can pack. 

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